Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education which aims to align the human body in the gravitational field.  Connective tissue (specifically fascia) is manipulated to allow body segments to shift to a more balanced position. Re-education of the client's movement patterns is included. Its benefits include an increased use of balance at finer levels of the neuro-fascial-musculo-skeletal system which allows for increased general well-being and physical adaptability and resilience as well as reducing biomechanically caused pain.

Gabler Sustainable Body

Gabler Sustainable Body helps people maintain optimal posture in everyday life and live without pain by re-engaging the body’s core. Founded by Karen Gabler, a practitioner here at Cambridge Health Associates, Gabler Sustainable Body is based on 30 years of bodywork practice and study and the combination of key concepts from Aston patterning, Zero Balancing and Thomas Meyer’s research into myofascial tissue.
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