Rosemary Gaddum Gordon


D.B.O, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London WC1, 1968
M.A., Lesley College, 1981


Diploma in Orthoptics, Certified Self-Regulation Therapist, Certified in Education Kinesiology, Certified in Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release


Self-Regulation Therapy at the Centre for Trauma & Research; Eriksonian Hypnotherapy; Focusing

Rosemary Gaddum Gordon

Rosemary Gaddum Gordon is a Holistic Vision Improvement educator and Self-Regulation therapist whose background includes training in Orthoptics, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Focusing, Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy and Self-Regulation Therapy.  She sees clients at Cambridge Health Associates and in her private practice in Maine. She also teaches in Massachusetts and Maine, and gives workshops in the US and Europe. Rosemary is the co-founder and a faculty member of the Vision Educator Training Institute. She has also been featured on TV and radio shows and her articles have been published in journals and online. 

Treatment Philosophy

"Vision is not static - it changes. When we relax we see better than when we are tired, sick or bored. By exploring and practicing what helps us to relax and focus at the same time, our vision improves. When we've suffered trauma we are unable to relax.  By being aware of our sensations, whether in our eyes or hearts or minds, we can gently let go of the holding patterns that keep us from our clarity and joy."


I’ve seen Rosemary on and off for a few years. Her work has impacted more than just my eyesight. The sessions can be both relaxing and educational. I feel like I’m learning to see naturally again – as I did when I was a child. Allowing images to come to me vs. using my eyes as utilitarian devices. The result is I’m seeing better – especially when I regularly do the simple exercises and relaxation techniques – and am not using reading glasses. Beyond this by seeing from the core I am also more grounded and awake to my experience – a pretty remarkable side effect of the work.” - Michael

"I learned so much from the workshop! I never realized the fatigue, stress and strain that my eyes were experiencing until Rosemary taught us to relax the eyes! I saw significant improvement in my distance vision by the end of the day! I am now a convert and fan of natural vision improvement!" - Nancy

I was desperate to find a way to treat my PTSD without succumbing to drugs. I was constantly fighting anxiety/fear, lost my appetite, and struggled throughout the night to get a few hours of sleep. Thanks to Rosemary’s SRT skills, I have recovered to a more normal sleep pattern and now feel much more relaxed in the world. I am doing real well now and even looking forward to traveling.” - Ed

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