Lauren Paap


Acupressure Therapy Institute, 2008

Graduate, Acupressure Shiatsu

Framingham State University, 1994

BA, Psychology


National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) Diplomate of Asian Bodywork Therapy (Dipl. ABT) American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA) Certified Asian Bodywork Practitioner (CP)

Lauren Paap

I came to study Acupressure and Shiatsu after my own health was remarkably transformed though Oriental Medicine.

In 2001 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had been so sick the two years leading up to my diagnosis that my personal and professional lives were significantly impacted. The options presented to me were surgery and immunosuppressants. I was raised with the belief that the body was designed to defend and heal itself and wanted to pursue options that encouraged this process. Motivated to start the healing process, I took the leap of faith and investigated complementary healthcare options. After a year of working closely with my acupuncturist as well as changing my lifestyle and diet, my Ulcerative Colitis was medically diagnosed to be in remission.

I fell in love with Oriental Medicine because its principles are based upon the understanding that our mental, emotional and physical health are intertwined and offers a holistic methodology to wellness – a type of Body-Mind Therapy.

With this in mind, I use an integrative approach when navigating life’s adversities and challenges. In addition to my personal experiences and educational background, I bring more than 20 years of professional experience as a human services professional working with vulnerable populations, including adults and children who have or have experienced developmental disabilities, mental illness, homeless, and trauma. 

Treatment Philosophy

We each have our own path to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. These healing journeys invariably touch many elements of our life. Experience has taught me, that when we recruit allies to help support and guide our efforts, deeper work can be accomplished.

My style is light-hearted and engaging. I work holistically - where mental, physical and emotional health can be explored with curiosity and fearlessness. I am passionate about helping people who are undertaking significant life challenges and transformations and would be honored to help you with yours. 


"I see Lauren on Monday and feel great for the rest of the week!" Hugh, Lincoln

"My personal and professional lives are very fulfilling, but quite demanding causing frequent episodes of insomnia. After a few sessions with Lauren, I now sleep though the night and wake refreshed and recharged." Marc, Wellesley

"I have found Lauren's methods have helped me reconnect with my inner strength and ready to take on life’s challenges.  It feels great to have her on my team."  Susan, Cohasset

"There is some serious magic in those hands of hers! Lauren is great at helping me feel emotionally and physical resilient during times of stress.” Alexandra, Cambridge 

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