Time & Consciousness

Flinging Shadows at the Door

Flinging Shadows at the Door, oil on canvas 16" x 20"

Paintings by Maura Cunningham

In this body of work I am focused on time & consciousness. My paintings are many layered, occur over many months and shift in form and structure over time until my perception and understanding of their subject becomes whole. I begin all of my work with simply an intuitive sense of a beginning. I’ve come to realize that this is how all things in life unfold: an intuitive impulse becomes a journey that I think I know and understand the reasons for, until time passes & circumstances develop and I inevitably shift to another place if not through many places, until the reality of the experience only once it is complete – becomes clear. Time is a puzzling experience. On one level of perception there is narrative order: a simple past, present & future to all events. But on another level, all aspects of time are layered, overlapping & intertwined. Experiences, memories & emotions from the past manifest in the present & can profoundly shape ones choices & perception. Painting helps me to see there is not one universal time, but infinite universes of time, all floating in and out; arriving, transforming and dissolving on a multitude of constantly shifting, waves of consciousness.