New Work by Tim Allen / Botanical Prints by Ken Field

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The Art of the Pressed Flower

The  Art Of Pressed Flower Pictures reached its heyday in the Victorian era. This sentimental craft was intended not only to preserve fresh foliage and flowers, but memories as well, and to be enjoyed throughout the year and for many years to come. Often flowers from special occasions were saved and it is said that Queen Victoria pressed flowers from Prince Albert's funeral as a memoriam.
Twenty years ago Ken Field started  producing hand pressed botanicals. Over the years Ken has found that traditional  botanicals of pressed plant material has it limitations. Only a few flowers and plant foliages hold their color and lend themselves to being flattened. " I always found it a bit discouraging to see a five window horizontal botanical only consisting of different shades of brown,blacks and grays. Greens never last". Today with the use of life like fine art inkjet Giclee prints opens up a whole new range of possibilities. " Sometime you can't tell if it is real or a print,that's exciting"!
Each Flora New England botanical print is composed by Vermont artisan Ken Field. His hand - made off the grid for 31 years, passive solar house, nestled on Putney mountain, is surrounded by one of the largest collections of azalea and rhododendrons in Vermont which were rescued from the Putney Nursery. He also has vegetable and flower gardens, an orchard, rows of berries,grapes, kiwis, and a quarter acre of rhubarb.He combines his skills in gardening,landscaping, carpentry, and framing in the creation of his art.
The flowers and plants used in his botanical prints are grown on his farm and collected throughout New England. He explores the roadsides, forest, and fields searching for diverse material. Each  botanical print is composed and arranged to enhance the botanical to show it's best.
Most of the custom frames in, red oak, ash, cherry, sugar maple, and yellow birch, are designed and produced from native hardwoods harvested from the woodlands on Ken's farm.
Meticulous care and detail goes into making each piece. The Giclee prints use fade resistant, archival inks on an archival substrate. The mat board and form core are also acid neutral which produces museum quality art that will last many,many years. It is best to display out of direct sunlight. Uv glass can be used upon request.
Traditionally the botanicals prints are matted ,framed,and displayed under glass. The latest evolution is to print on archival canvas which is attached to an artist panel. This creates a different expression of a botanical.