An Instant in Space-Time

Enemy maybe

Enemy Maybe

Work by Adriana Prat

Adriana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied science. Once in the USA, Adriana reinvernted herself through art. Woth a newly-discoverd passion for oil painting, she studied the basics of drawing and painting mostly at the non-academic yet structured Cambridge Center Studio School, at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Adrian also considers herself self-taught by her continuous drive to experiment  with diverse media and art-making processes: oil, acrlick sculpture, printmaking, assemblage, and often marrying her interes in writing with the painting activity.
Adriana lives in Cambridge but her heart is divided among a few cherished places she also regards as "home" thanks to her travels, which she finds essential for the fullness of her life experience. Much like Adriana, her artwork has been and is featured in both Argentina and Massachusetts, from open studiosk museums, and galleries to alternative spaces.
"I embrace art-making like meditation: an instant in time-space shere only color, textures, and the physicality of the painitng materials seem to exist. I often incorporate text - from journals or impromptu poetry - that I use as ground to explore additional 'mind-journeys' in the canvas surface and that act as a mantr during the painting act, and that is usually illegible in the final art piece. I like to think of my art as bold, intriguing, sensual, and evocative of the boldness of Latin America's colors and warmth."