Zero Balancing II

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Course Description

Zero Balancing II is the second half of the Core Zero Balancing program in which students review the material from ZB I while learning new fulcrums and expanding their understanding of how and why Zero Balancing is so effective.  ZB II is highly recommended for all ZB practitioners who have not taken a ZB course in a while as it includes the most up-to-date methods for performing Zero Balancing.

You Will Learn:

  • A review of the basic ZB protocol with an emphasis on quality of touch, focus and positioning of the practitioner
  • To deepen your understanding of ZB theory, principles and techniques
  • Additional techniques to create an expanded protocol
  • New skills and coordination in handling energy and structure
  • How to frame or set goals for a ZB session
  • To advance your ability to work with expanded states of consciousness
  • To give and receive constructive peer feedback
  • To acquire experience in preparation for advanced study

This course satisfies requirements for the Zero Balancing Certification Program

Course description from the Zero Balancing Health Association

Thursday, March 16 - Sunday, March 19, 2017


Cambridge Health Associates, 335 Broadway, Cambridge, MA




Zero Balancing I. Students are also encouraged to have practical experience with the ZB protocol in preparation for ZB II. Recommend Reading Inner Bridges by Fritz Smith, MD, The Alchemy of Touch by Fritz Smith, MD




$795 ( $695 30-60 days in advance; $595 60+ days in advance )