Making Conscious the Process of Mastery

You can also send a check payable to Jim McCormick, 335 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139 (see cost details below), or you can also register by phone, call Jim McCormick directly at 617-354-8360 ext. 11. 


Making Conscious the Process of Mastery is designed to provide skills and support to certified (or experienced) ZB practitioners who desire to deepen their work and their personal development and make conscious the process of mastery. The goal of this class is to create a safe yet challenging environment where experienced Zero Balancers will learn how to embody the principles of Zero Balancing in their work and in their lives by exploring the following:

You Will Learn:

  • Caring for caretakers: ZB and inner work.
  • Creating the group energy field: the art of inner and outer pauses, and how we can apply them in our lives and sessions.
  • ZB and differences of touch and points of view: the facilitators will each work with the same person and then discuss each of their points of view, the common denominators and what is unique about what each see and feel. Paricipants will be asked to give sessions to the instructors in a group setting and receive feedback.
  • Process in ZB: how to create a clear verbal interface .
  • Mastery as a practitioner: Getting to the level of instinct so the practitioner’s minds are quiet.
  • Exploring practitioner strengths and challenges and gaining clarity on steps needed to develop more fully as a practitioner.
  • Touch calibration process: in addition to workshop meetings, participants will receive individual work and/or tutorials with the ZB faculty.

Special Information:

Residential Class - tuition is $995; Room and Board will be additional.

Room rates vary with size of room from $80 to $115/night per person

Food costs average ~$130 per person for the class.

All attendees will stay together in one or two houses on Cape Cod.

Course Location & Times:

4 Mary’s Way
Truro, MA 01778

Class begins at 7:30 PM on Thursday October 6th and ends at noon on Tuesday October 11th.



Truro, MA




Certification in Zero Balancing or permission from instructor.


All materials provided